Hello beautiful people!

I am currently blogging from my living room whilst sipping on some festive cinnamon spice herbal tea and nursing a virus! I think I caught the bug from one of the twins I nanny, it has been progressing over the past few days. No, it’s a not the best time to get sick (with Christmas and all..), but I am ALIVE and well and I know my Father will heal me in due time!

Until then, I am letting myself be lazy for once! I’ll be honest, I am that type of person who constantly has to be doing something productive or I feel like a bum. I used to see relaxing as a waste of time. Well when college became my main focus a few years ago I realized I was running myself into a hole of pure exhaustion. God has placed it on my heart to really focus on regular REST. Physical, spiritual, mental rest.

Being the type A person I am, I constantly have to remind myself to take a bit of each of my day to rest in God’s Presence before tackling my list of the day’s to-dos. Even then, I still sometimes neglect my body’s cries for rest. I constantly pour out, but many times don’t let myself be filled up again. This leaves me feeling dry and absolutely tired.

Sometimes I go about my days pushing my body to the limit all the waking hours, with working, intense workouts, house chores, and my social life. But I’m getting better everyday listening to my body! It’s all a learning process, eh?

7453fb5de216c887510440be824d46b3Want to know what my number one worry used to be when I would get sick?

Not being able to exercise. AKA burn calories.

Yep. That used to be me. Once upon a time I used to be obsessed with exercise simply to burn calories so I could be…here it comes…SKINNY.

I can barely even bring myself to type that out, much less admit to someone I used to have that problem. But I like to be real, both face-to-face and on my blog.

Here was my thought process:
Dangit, this sucks, I can’t workout. Oh no, I’m going to get fat. I’m going to lose all my “gainz”. Soooo I probably shouldn’t eat much, right? Sure, makes sense. Oh, and I probably shouldn’t eat many carbs since I won’t be active. And I should eat 100% clean.

*enter dramatic, disappointed sigh* :/ That was me. On those dreadful days where I had to be still, I would try to eat as little as possible. Ridiculous, right? I mean, my body needed all the energy it could get to fight off an illness! The devil placed these thoughts into my sensitive mind. Thankfully my sweet Lord has saved my from this horrible prison of thought, and continues to save me from every trial & situation. He has saved me these past couple of days and is teaching me to treat my body with love and gentleness.


Not that I like being sick at all–actually I loathe it–but honestly, it helps forces me to slow down and rely on my Daddy God to carry me and to take care of me. It helps me to re-align my priorities so whenever I am back to health, I have a clear picture of what my priories should be and remember the importance of REST.

If you take anything from this post my friends, it is to slow down & rest a little bit each day, if even just a 5 minute coffee break in the morning while reading a short devotion or in prayer. Focus of quality, not quantity. Every so often, when possible, treat yourself to a day/part of the day off, girls’ night, spa time at home, a latte at a coffeeshop, a walk outside in nature, curl up with a good book, or whatever helps you recollect your mind & rest! Also, PRAY to our Lord to grant you peace, happiness, and to give your body & soul rest so that you may pour out His love in His name & live out His plan for your life. Only God can truly sustain us!


What do YOU do to rest; physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally?

XOXO, Dolce


2 thoughts on “Rest.

  1. I spend an hour each day reading the word and watching an old sermon from my church’s app. I just recently started doing this and it is honestly the most important part of my day now. I’m in the book of James series my church did a couple years ago and it’s really stirring up my heart. I told myself – if I can devote an hour (sometimes more) of my day to working out, I can do the same for God. And I never feel pressured or like its a “task” it is truly a time of rest for my soul ❤️ Love this post and you sweet girl!

    • Great job taking care of your faith first, that is SO important. I really look up to you Kelly! Isn’t it crazy how when we sacrifice our time to God, He blesses all the other hors in that day! He ALWAYS sustains me, and helps me be even more productive throughout my day. I agree that spending time with the Lord should never be a “task” or a “chore”–if it is you have to re-examine your heart. By the way, I adore the book of James. I read James 1 during a VERY trialing time in my life and God totally used it to change my heart 🙂

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